Meet Heerak

Heerak taught 5th graders at Savoy Elementary School in the Anacostia neighborhood (Ward 8) in Washington, DC.

Heerak has taught 8th graders in math at Peabody Middle School in Petersburg, Virginia, helping to raise math skills of students struggling with Algebra.  The unaccredited, Title 1 school is 100% Free or Reduced Lunch with 99% of school students being African-American students.

Heerak has taught social studies for 6th graders at Wyatt Middle School in Emporia, Virginia (Greensville County Public Schools) and helped students to read and write more effectively.  Heerak utilized dramatization and personal story-telling as strategies to engage students in history and various cultures throughout the history of the United States of America.

Heerak is certified as a Reading Specialist, English as Second Language (ESL) Teacher, a Special Education Teacher, and School Administrator in the District of Columbia.

Heerak's current Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) research is on solving the problems of urban education in innercity public schools, particularly in terms of delivery of effective differentiated education for children with different learning styles and in various stages of intellectual development.

There is an answer to every problem.

Heerak Christian Kim

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November 8, 2022

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