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Heerak is a friend of all Workers!  He is a member of the Washington Teachers Union (Local 6 of AFT).  In fact, he was a Delegate of Local 6 to the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) National Convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvnia, in 2018!

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Heerak has also taught Algebra (math) to English Language Learners (ELL's) from Gautemata, El Salvador, Mexico, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, and many more countries at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia!  Heerak helped international students to become excellent in math, even though some of his ELL students did not speak any English!

From My Blog

"Global Citizenship requires proactive empathy and conscientious recognition that cultural differences exist. We cannot judge students, staff, and professors of other cultures by the cultural norms that we are familiar with. That would be ethnocentrism by definition. Global Citizenship means recognizing the relative nature of cultural practices. What is rude in one culture may not be rude in another culture. Conversely, what may be polite in one culture may not be polite in another culture."


Excerpt from "Global Citizenship: Through the Lens of an Immigrant," published on November 25, 2019, on the website of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) .

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"COVID-19 Update

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Heerak Christian Kim is a poet who shares his original poems about COVID-19 and how people are dealing with it as a way to help with coping with COVID-19. You will enjoy

Heerak Christian Kim for US Congress 


(Viriginia 8th Congressional District)

Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church,

and parts of Fairfax County 

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Heerak Christian Kim for US Congress 

Heerak is A Friend of US Veterans

On November 11, 2019, Heerak Christian Kim celebrated 2019 Veterans Day at Georgetown University with President John J. DeGioia of Georgetown University, the keynote speaker Colonel Miguel Howe (U.S. Army, Retired, SSP’04), and the Very Reverend David Pratt, a Veteran and the Director of Orthodox Christian Life at Georgetown University.

2019 Veterans Day celebration with ROTC cadets in Washington, DC

Books by Heerak

KoreanAmerican Youth Identity.jpg

American Youth Identity and 9/11:  An Examination of Korean-American Ethnic Identity in Post-9/11 America

by Heerak Christian Kim

"This book is a step in the right direction in computing 9/11 into the study of ethnic identity and experience in America. This book specifically focuses on Korean-American identity, particularly in regards to Korean-American youth. However, this scholarly examination is further significant in its sensitivity to the ethnic experience of other Asian-Americans and in its examination of Korean-American identity as negotiated in the context of the larger dominant culture of America. And this book contributes further to the understanding of ethnic identity in the United States by devoting an important chapter to the dynamics of inter-ethnic relations between Korean-Americans and African-Americans."


Netherland by Joseph O'Neill and President Barak Obama's AMERICA: A Historical-Literary Examination

by Heerak Christian Kim

"Heerak Christian Kim, who has identified the literary device of "The Key Signifier," analyzes Joseph's O'Neill's book, Netherland, with a view to understanding the current irregularities in US domestic politics as well as the general zeitgeist of the American people. There is no question that the first decade of the 21st century has been the most "odd" decade of American history in terms of politics. The anti-Washington sentiment that is sweeping the nation from the agricultural heartland of America and the labor-centric cities of America, such as Boston, is creating unprecedented questioning of what makes America what it is and the values that motivate the American people. Heerak Christian Kim's important historical-literary criticism book on Joseph O'Neill's novel, Netherland, provides valuable insights into understanding the current trends in the American society."

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Heerak Christian Kim has been actively involved in the leadership of the UCLA Alumni Association of Washington, DC, including as the Treasurer, and has worked with UCLA on recruting the best students and providing scholarships for study at UCLA.


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